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With Wild Eyes and Flowers In Her Hair

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Hi, my name is Alicia, and this is me finding what I love. My life feels a lot like wandering, but never getting lost.

when i first heard the song “James Franco” by Hoodie Allen, I thought it was a song by James Franco called “Hoodie Allen” and i was like wow James Franco really likes saying his own name

This happened. My phone is cleverer than I am.

“Can’t Go Wrong” - Phillip Phillips
“Where We Went Wrong” - The Hush Sound
“Lighting Candles” - The Weepies
“End of a Spark” - Tokyo Police Club

Our relationships with music sometimes resemble our relationships with people: Familiarity can breed contempt, we can grow apart and our connections can be rooted in specific circumstances that couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be repeated. Music has a way of tethering our memories in place — of making them vivid and specific — but a side effect of that is that our favorite songs and albums often get reduced to little more than fodder for nostalgia.

I think it’s important — the way that [words fall] out of your mouth. I find that a lot of times I’ll come up with the seedlings of a song just by fooling around with the guitar or the piano and muttering nonsense, you know, just syllables at random. Sometimes you stumble upon a word or a phrase, and it’s like a coat hanger. All of a sudden, you have something to start hanging other phrases and stuff on. But they’re all different. Sometimes you have a clear idea of what you’re getting into when you start, and sometimes you’re just fishing.

Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam on the physicality of wordplay (via nprmusic)

Phoenix’s show at Coachella was amazing and wow i need a stronger adjective than amazing